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Equity Residential's ESG goals


Climate Strategy and Resiliency

  • Continue to expand and integrate our climate risk and resilience management program, including third party global and site level scans of climate related risks by 2022.
  • Expand our successful Boston market Resilience Assessment to our Southern California market by 2021.

Energy and Emissions

  • Set a science-based carbon target to reduce our scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, aligned with a scenario that keeps global warming well below 2°C, to be approved by the Science Based Target Initiative.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 15% of our 2011 levels by 2021.

Water and Waste

  • Reduce water consumption by 10% of our 2011 levels by 2021.
  • Increase resident awareness of water savings opportunities through effective communication methods and tracking metrics.
  • Pilot holistic, innovative approaches to reducing resident waste and increase recycling rates by partnering with communities.

Sustainable Buildings

  • Incorporate biophilic design elements into all new development and renovation projects.
  • Expand our Smart Home Program to 7,000 units by 2021.


Diversity and Inclusion

  • Perform and participate in annual third-party compensation and benefits benchmarking and analysis of our total rewards program to assess our program

competitiveness, utilization, cost, and identify opportunities to enhance how we reward and incentivize our people while ensuring that pay is aligned and equitable within our internal compensation philosophy.

  • Rollout a bilingual education strategy promoting Preventive Care, securing a Primary Care Physician, completing an annual physical and increased use of Virtual Health Visits.
  • Present and consider a diverse slate of candidates for all mid-management and above positions to help mitigate similar-to-me biases.
  • Build awareness of and bring focus to unconscious bias in recruiting and hiring, including creating a new hiring manager interview guide and new Applicant surveys.
  • Launch digital assistants and implement new Human Capital Management (HCM) dashboards to enhance candidate experience and ensure inclusive hiring practices.
  • Update, revise and expand employee onboarding to include education around Diversity & Inclusion and cultural citizenship skills and train Day 1 Onboarding Facilitators in this implementation.
  • Create solutions to continue to avoid unconscious bias in talent processes (benefits, recruiting, recognition, promotions, performance, compensation, learning, etc.) by conducting business unit inclusion checks.
  • Include Diversity and Inclusion senior leaders on Equity Residential’s ESG Steering Committee and Working Groups to ensure an inclusion lens is consistently applied.

Talent Attraction, Engagement, and Retention

  • Reposition Career Development efforts around skill building to support employees in a desired career path vs being funneled into a particular role.
  • Grow and leverage the Apprenticeship program to bring in new talent to Equity Residential and the property management industry.
  • Guide and support employee promotions, leader transitions and succession to ensure inclusion and future company success.
  • Rollout resources for internal applicants, train Hiring Managers and implement feedback systems to continue to ensure consistent treatment of all candidates.
  • Create and launch coursework that builds skills for dialogue, inclusive leadership across the organization and builds Cultural Citizenship.

Resident Health, Wellbeing, and Satisfaction

  • Expand integration of health and wellbeing programs across 100% of buildings and measure resident participation to enable residents to thrive.
  • Leverage the social component of the resident portal to foster relationships and community and improve resident satisfaction and retention.
  • Develop and share corporate philanthropy focus areas and alignment with company's business.


Business Ethics

  • Have oversight of ethics and corruption issues by Board-level or C-suite/Executive committee.
  • Regularly audit all operations for compliance with ethical standards at least once every three years.
  • Develop and disclose a formal Human Rights Policy.
  • Establish or create policy that comprehensively covers bribery and anti-corruption, including assessment of operations deemed to be “high risk.”
  • Expand anti-harassment and anti-bullying training to all employees.